Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Albertsons and Walgreens

Albertson's this week offered to double 4 manufacturer coupons. I originally planned to go pretty much every day and only buy 4 or 5 items so that I could take full advantage of the double coupon deal, but I slacked off and so I went only once! I went with a list of the things that were on sale that week and I went with ONLY those coupons in hand-instead of taking my whole huge binder with me. I was focused on getting in and out as quickly as I could! Unfortunately, I was a little too quick and forgot to get the Suave shampoo/conditioner that was on sale--and I had coupons for. oh-well.
Here is Ashleigh with all the stuff I got from Albertsons. I spent $38.40 for all this....and I saved $32.16. 46% savings. I was disappointed that I didn't do better, but like Betsie said--it's better than nothing!

I was a little down after my Albertson's trip, so I decided to go to Walgreens and see if I could do better....by my own fault, I didn't! Sigh....

I did 4 transactions--I needed 4 receipts to take advantage of the rebates and so that I could get my Register rewards as well. I was lucky--everything I wanted was in stock, a young girl rang me up-away from everyone else so not to attract attention to the fact that I was "working the system". The first 2 transactions went great!

When she finished the 3rd transaction and started on the 4th, I realized that I forgot to give her my coupons for the 3rd one...at the same time she had finished the 4th transaction and my register reward (RR) didn't print! :-( So, I had to have a manager come and fix it for me. He redid my 4th transaction so I could get my RR...it was all good, but then when he went to void my 3rd transaction and start over. I was dumb and gave him back the $6 RR that had printed with that transaction so I could get a new one and he told me that he couldn't give me a new one because of the rules--one RR per customer-even though it was a different transaction (technicalities-ugh!!) (I kept my mouth shut that I had already gotten one from the 2nd transaction!!!) So, I didn't buy the item that I was supposed to get the RR for-it was another razor.
So, what's my bottom line? Well, like I said, it's not nearly as good as I had hoped it would be, but hey--better than nothing! My body sprays in the picture were not onsale--nor did I have a coupon for them....It was my 1 impulse buy in over a month! :)
At Walgreens I spent $24.79 and I saved $27.56. Plus--I received $7 in RR and I have my receipts to submit online to get $6 in rebates. 53% savings

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arah said...

i think you did good. I have been doing the same thing and then realize I forgot to give them a coupon or something.
Our Walgreens by us is awesome. the ladies use coupons too, so they are really helpful about letting me know the best way about getting the most without spending a lot.
I miss you guys. I think I am going to just plan a trip without matt.