Thursday, July 22, 2010

Family Reunion Day 1


The Ballard Family Reunion started on Saturday at Mill Creek Canyon in the Salt Lake area. It was so amazing seeing my siblings that live far away as well as my siblings that live close too! Everyone was together again and we had so much fun! We had typical "camping" foods and the kids had so much fun running around in the woods and climbing the hills, playing in the water, etc. It was the perfect place for them to play and get VERY dirty! :-)

Caution, LOTS of pictures!!!

Patrick swinging Bridget around

Ashleigh hanging on the swing

After spending the day at Mill Creek, we went home to shower and then went back to my parents house for dinner and visiting. It was such a nice relaxing/chill reunion which was perfect and we all loved it!
Kevin made some beautiful Lemon Meringue Pies

We had a cake to celebrate the 3 birthdays that we have in July

Nick and Todd

Finley, Tage, and Sara

Tyler and Finley
(6 month age difference)

Tamsen and Ryan

Playing Wahoo :-)
Sara and Tamsen using Nick as their back supports

My mom had this great idea to do the grand kids' hand prints and heights on the new wall that my dad just finished building! It turned out really good! I love this idea!

It was nice to have my Uncle Ron and Grandma Ballard in town as well. We enjoyed having them here!

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