Friday, July 30, 2010

Incredible Pizza

Quinn came in to town for the weekend to see Betsie and the kids and we all decided to go to Incredible Pizza in Draper. This place is pretty's similar to Chuck-E-Cheese, but they have 3 food buffets to eat from rather than only being able to get pizza like at Chuck-E-Cheese. Its pretty expensive so we were really glad that Preston ate free, and we had a coupon for Ashleigh to eat free too, thanks to Juli.

Preston fell asleep on the way TO Incredible pizza.

At our table waiting to go get food
Emma, Jennidee, Quinn, and Ashleigh

Emma, Preston, Nick and Jennidee
Those girls sure loved their uncle Nick

After we ate we took our game cards and let the kids (and us) play some arcade game and try to get points so the kids to "buy" some toys. We ended up getting 412 points!! :-)

Then we went to the go-carts.
Quinn, Emma, Jennidee, Ashleigh, Juli

Watching the races
Emma and Quinn

Nick and Preston raced together first. Preston was SO excited!!!!

The good luck car #88

And they WON! yay!

Then Nick took Ashleigh, Randy took Jadon, and Juli took Josiah
Nick and Ashleigh came in First place again!!! :-)

The best driver ever with his two passengers!

I LOVE this picture!!! I love these guys so much!

Incredible Pizza was lots of fun and I know we'll be back again soon! :-)

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