Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Union Station

Betsie and I took the kids on a day trip up to Ogden to Union Station. I've heard great things about it from Tamsen, but haven't had a chance to go until now. It far surpassed my expectations! It's perfect for a train lover like Preston and an old classic car lover like myself! I love that Preston shares his love for trains with his cousins Jadon and Josiah. The boys all had a great time, and frankly so did us girls. :-)

Emma, Ashleigh, Jennidee

Jadon, Josiah, Preston
Don't you just love the conductor hats we got the boys!??!
So cute!!!

Inside an Army First Aid train

Going inside a Post office train
The train never stops when delivering or picking up mail

I couldn't believe how BIG the train wheels are!

Inside Union Station

Preston would LOVE to have these paintings in his room!

Sitting on a real train car couch

An old Train schedule

An old typewriter

The old phones. I would love to have one in my house.

They had a little train that the kids could play in and ring the whistle. They loved it!

I LOVE Josiah's smile here!

I showed Ash this Morse-code machine.

She and Betsie did Morse-code back and forth

Tool for the railroad
Betsie, Emma, and Josiah

They have an awesome electric model train system going thru different time periods and scenes. It was the coolest thing. I think the boys could have stayed in there and watched the trains for hours if we had let them!

Then we saw the Classic Car museum. I was in heaven!!! I Love love love old-time cars!

I wish I could drive this car.....I can't even imagine having a steam powered car!

They had more trains outside that we saw....

Betsie was ready to go, but Preston wasn't so we went back in with the intent to see the gun museum too....
Instead, I got Ashleigh her own pink conductor hat

And played with a little model railroad that was in the store where we bought the hat

And we got to push these buttons and hear all sorts of sounds--the conductor, the brakes, the steam, the engine roaring, the different types of whistles, etc. It was pretty cool!

Preston had a little meltdown so we decided to go home instead of seeing anything else.
He was pretending to be asleep here...

I took this picture of one of the paintings. I'm going to blow it up and print it/frame it for Preston's room for his birthday. I think he'll love it! :-)

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Tamsen said...

I'm SO glad you loved it!