Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Salt Lake

We took another day trip to Salt Lake City. This time Juli, Nick, Lindsey, and Keely came along too. The day started a little scattered trying to figure out where to go and what to do first. We had lunch on the temple square grounds first. Then Betsie went to get family pictures taken in front of the Christ Statue. Then we went to the LDS business office--26th floor observation deck. Nick and Juli had never been there before! :-) It's always pretty cool seeing the city from that high up.

We were soooo worn out from the prior days activities, plus a bad night sleep that we decided to cut the trip short. We rode Trax with the rest of the gang down to the Planetarium then we got on a different Trax and went back to our car. Preston could have stayed on Trax all day, but we were ready to go home.

We did make a quick stop at Taffy Town and we each got some candy. Then headed home. We wish we could have stayed with the group, but we just couldn't keep our eyes open any longer!!!

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