Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Lexi repairs

Our beautiful new Lexus has had a small power steering leak since we bought it. We knew about the leak, but it was so tiny that we'd only see about a dime-size amount of liquid in our garage at a time. However, it's been hotter outside and we've had to use the A/C a lot more and apparently it made the teeny-tiny hole a lot bigger. It's been leaking a ton, so Nick got under the hood and decided to figure out how to replace it. He's SO smart when it comes to repairing cars and I really love watching him work (except when it's really really hot outside!)

He finally got the hose removed--thanks to help from his dad--and he's all ready to install the new hose once it arrives. I can't wait to drive my little baby Lexi again. More pictures to come when the install happens. :-)

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Annie Whitelaw said...

It sure is nice when you have an in-house mechanic!