Friday, July 30, 2010

Last day with Betsie and kids

Sunday was pretty much our last day/night with Betsie and her kids. They left on Wednesday morning and we went over on Tuesday night to say good-bye. :-(

We went over for dinner and we took family pictures too. (I'll post those once I get copies from mama-Call)
Emma and Meg

Josiah and Meg

Jennidee and Meg

Emma and Nick

Josiah and Preston playing trains in the playroom

Betsie and Jadon

Quinn came in to town for a couple of days.
It was so nice to see her again and spend time together.
Quinn, Ashleigh, Jennidee, and Emma

Emma and Jennidee

Then we got ready for family pictures. Mama-Call got some really really good shots! I can't wait to get copies to put up on my wall along with my Ballard Family pictures.

...Now I just need to buy some nice frames. :-)

We miss you Betsie!!!!