Friday, July 23, 2010

The last day....

On Tuesday I had to say good-bye to Emily, Patrick, Bridget, Avery, and Finley. I hate good-byes! I try not to think about it until the very end, but I always cry. Poor Ashleigh took it really hard and did NOT want Bridget to leave! I felt so bad for her. This year, especially, was so great--we got lots of time together, the kids got along really well together, and we finally got to meet Finley! She's 8 months old now and just such a SWEET happy adorable little baby! I am completely in love with her!

Preston loved her too! :-)

my last picture of them.
I miss them!!!

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Patrick and Emily said...

Still makes me tear up to think of Ashleigh's tearful goodbye. She's such a sweetie. Love her and you.