Monday, July 26, 2010

More pictures

I got more pictures from my mom that she took over the last week......

Emily and Meg

Meg swinging Bridget

Avery, Bridget, and Ashleigh donating the quilt that the kids tied during the reunion

Ashleigh at the playground

Bridget, Ashleigh, and Avery at the playground

Ash at the 3-story playground

Avery and her "twin" that they met at the playground

Dad and Avery

Saying goodbye....poor Ashleigh

My parents went to Reno/Lake Tahoe over the weekend for my cousin's wedding. She was able to stop in and see my cousin Alex! I don't think I've seen him in 10 years? It's nice to see him all grown up!

My mom at Lake Tahoe

The wedding:
Dustin (my cousin) and his new bride Tori

The grooms brother-my cousin-Beau and his girlfriend Dixie.

Amelia, Jana, Dustin, Tyler, and Kevin

My mom and the beautiful bride, Tori!
I am excited to see MORE pictures of the whole wedding and reception. :-)

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The Hammond Holler! said...

Hey got some great pictures! Thanks for checking out my blog too. It's good to keep in touch every now and then even if it is just through the computer!?