Friday, July 23, 2010



Ashleigh spent the night with Bridget at my parents house the entire weekend so Monday night I decided it would be fun to have most of the girl cousins-PLUS Cooper-over for a sleepover. I was right, it was SO much fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nick really came thru as a huge help and was a big hit with all the kids.

We had a full house--Bridget, Avery, Teriesa, Maura, and Cooper were all here. Plus Ashleigh's friend Hailie came to play for an hour as well.

We had Little Caesars pizza, bread sticks, cookies, Red Vines, Ring Pops, and some fruit--thrown in so it wouldn't be a completely junk food night. ;-)

Then Nick put on some music and the kids all danced...and danced...and danced....and danced.

Preston showing me the entire Red Vine in his mouth

A night with Preston wouldn't be complete with out him getting hurt!

Avery became SO attached to Nick--asking where he is, going to find him, and then sitting on his lap and talking his ear off for as long as he'd let her. It was so cute!!!

The kids showed me their special "talents" haha

They had balancing contests

And jumping on Nick

And going for a ride on his back

Avery snuggling with me

Nick swung some of the kids upside-down

And carried them around and sold them like a sack of potatoes

Coopers Ring Pop turned his mouth blue so he had to show me

Then Avery wanted me to take a picture of her mouth so she could see what color it was...
She didn't believe me that it was only "pink".

Then we got in a circle and Nick was a "magician" and pulled coins out of the kids ears. Cooper LOVED it and was so surprised...but Bridget figured out the trick and wasn't as impressed. ;-)

Preston was getting sleepy....

Then we played "Mother May I" and we each got turns to be Mother.

Preston couldn't make it though...he was SO tired and zonked out right on the couch while the rest of us played.

Nick and Avery were "mother" together....Nick would ask Avery if one of the kids could do the what they asked for and she would decide. It was really cute!
Then we got the kids to bed--4 kids in Ashleigh's bed, plus Avery on the floor (she wanted to sleep there), and then Cooper and Preston slept in his bed. They were so tired and all the kids were asleep with in 10 minutes!

The next morning I made all the kids pancakes. As soon as I came downstairs Avery asked me where Nick was. Then as soon as Nick came down she went right on to his lap and talked and talked and talked. It was so cute!!!

The kids all played outside for a while and then I took them all home. We had such a fun night I was sad to see them all go home. :-)


Patrick and Emily said...

All the pics of Avery with Nick just crack me up!!!!

Tamsen said...

Aw, Nick is such a good sport. Thanks for having them!!