Thursday, July 22, 2010

Family Reunion Day 2


We all went to my mom and dad's ward for church. After, a ward member took some family pictures of us all. I'm pretty impressed with how great they turned out!

My parents with their 18 grandchildren
(Preston looks like such a stud!)

There's a picture of us when we were kids (I'll post it on here when I find it)-we call it the stair step picture-Kevin was the tallest and down to me being the shortest. My mom wanted to "recreate" the picture. It's not quite the stair-step anymore, but it was a fun picture to take.
Kevin, Ryan, Tamsen, Emily, Megan

Then Ryan wanted to get a picture of the MEN of the family! :-) I've got to say, these are some really good looking men!
Patrick, Ryan, Todd, Nick, Kevin, Dad (Russ)

After church we had lunch at my parents house, visited, rested, played games, and went to see Tamsen's chickens at her house.
Jana and Kevin


Amelia (2 yrs old)

Finley (8 mo old)

Meg and Avery (3 yrs old)

Avery and Nick

Tyler (2 mo old) and Bridget (6 yrs old)

Tage (4 yrs old), Sara, Finley and Amelia

Meg and Emily

Mom, Dad, Tamsen

Finley and Amelia

The chickens, surrounded by Ashleigh, Maura, Talon, Bridget

Bridget holding a chicken

Preston petting a chicken

My mom showed Tamsen how to hypnotize chickens, so Tamsen showed us!!! I was amazed by it. Please excuse my annoying commentary. :-( This chicken stayed hypnotized for 2 minutes!!!

Ryan and Sara napping

Todd and Patrick

I taught the family how to play Wahoo and the older boys loved playing it!

Kevin snoozing

While the boys were playing Wahoo, Amelia laid down next to me to watch and a minute later she was sound asleep! She's such a doll!

My dad snoozing
Some of the kids went to the basement to play--Here's Bridget and Talon helping to tie another quilt.

Ashleigh and Cooper

My grandma Ballard and my nephew Tyler

After our down time we headed back to the church for the blessing of Tyler Bruce Ballard. It was nice to be there since I think he is going to be the LAST grandchild! That's a sad thought....

Ryan kept the kids occupied and quiet while we waited to begin. He's so funny!!!

After the blessing we had a little "talent time". Any of the kids who wanted to, played a song on the piano. It was very entertaining! :-)

Then the kids all sang some primary songs

Then we had dinner at the church. We all ate and visited, and then played a couple "Sunday approved" games...Adams Family, and Going on a Cruise. So much fun!!!

(Yes, those are veggies on Preston's plate--shocking, right?)

While waiting for our turn for the Adams Family game, I noticed Ashleigh leading the music while the other girl cousins sang. It was so cute!

And the little boys played under the table. Hee hee.

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Russ and Suzanne Ballard said...

Wow! Lots of GREAT pictures! You got some I want to have! Thank you for posting, sweetheart! Great job. Love, mom