Monday, July 5, 2010

Sunday dinner

On Sunday we went to the Call's for dinner. Betsie made us all homemade Cafe Rio. YUM!!!! Nick's Aunt Ami, uncle Dan, and cousin Jessie joined us too! It was great catching up with them and playing some fun games. We played Wahoo, of course!!! :-)

Emma, Jennidee, and Ashleigh

Josh and Betsie
getting some pork barbacoa

Uncle Dan, Juli, Randy, and Ashleigh

Uncle Dan, Jessie, Aunt Ami and Nick

The Sayers kids: Jadon, Jennidee, Emma, and Josiah

I did Ashleigh's hair too...

playing Wahoo
Jessie, Jennidee, and Ami

Ashleigh and Meg

Meg and Nick

Jennidee wasn't feeling quite herself and attached herself to Nick
(This morning she woke up with a 105.2 temp so Betsie took her to the hospital. She has the beginning stages of pneumonia-after a big shot in her leg and some Rx's, she's starting to feel better. Poor little girl!)

While we played Wahoo, the men bonded. lol. :-)

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