Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sunday fun

I went on an hour long bike ride with Ashleigh, her friend Hailie and Preston. We had a few fumbles, but otherwise, it was lots of fun riding all over the neighborhood. Preston told me that he doesn't want his training wheels on anymore, so I told him that daddy could raise them up a little bit and we can see how he does like that. He didn't like that idea. he just wants them off. And he wants a kickstand. He's a funny kid. He showed me he's ready to ride on 2 wheels by riding Ashleigh's bike--she helped--holding on with both hands so she was balancing him....not quite proof that he's ready, but it sure was entertaining!

After we were done riding bikes Ashleigh pointed out to me that we have a lot of weeds in our yard. I told her and Preston that if they wanted to pull them out I would pay them (pay jobs!). She asked me how much and I said I could give them both a dollar if they pulled them ALL out, or I would take them to Snoasis. They both decided on Snoasis. Nick's off work early tomorrow--which is unusual, so we're going to go when he gets home. Hopefully Betsie and the kids can come too...we miss seeing those kids!!! They've been sick pretty much the entire time they've been in Utah so we've had to keep our distance to avoid getting it. It's pretty sad. We miss them!!!

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