Tuesday, July 13, 2010

little visitors

I was so excited today when Betsie mentioned that she needed some alone time. I offered to have the kids come over and play at our house so she could be alone for a while. We had so much fun together! The kids were a little shy at first and kept to themselves and didn't say much, but after about 10 min they were all playing well together and chatty. Ashleigh took the lead on everything and loved being the oldest of the Call cousins. She stuck with Jennidee and Emma mostly, but also initiated activities and ideas of things to do together with everyone. We had Oranges and Mac N Cheese and then off they went to play. We had only one problem with Preston not wanting to share his toys, but after that they were all great together!


Jennidee and Emma

Emma and Ashleigh


Jadon and Jennidee

Preston, Josiah, and Jennidee

Emma, Josiah, and Jadon

Cousins picture#1

Ashleigh and Jadon


Jennidee and Emma



Cousins picture #2

The Sit N Spin was a big hit!

Preston and Ashleigh

Jennidee, Ashleigh, and Emma

Preston and Jadon
Can't wait to watch them for Betsie again! :-)


Josh n Betsie said...

they look like they had so much fun. when we were driving home jadon says,"i had alot of fun there mom." that is always good to hear. Thanks again...i hope my toes dont fall off now....lol

Patrick and Emily said...

Betsie's got some cute kids and it looks like you all had fun!

Nick and Meg said...

I'm glad he/they had fun. Sure seemed like they did. I hope your toes don't fall off too!!! spray them with Windex or Lysol. lol.