Monday, October 20, 2008


Here is a new tag I stole from mrs. r's blog (hope you don't mind). Feel free to steal it for your own.

i am: the youngest of 5 kids
i know: that I am a blonde, but I try not to act like it
i want: sleep
i have: a wonderful marriage
i hate: one of my co-workers
i miss: my son Christian, my sister Emily, my s-i-l Betsie
i feel: melancholy
i hear: Preston excited to eat some olives
i smell: my holiday candle--gingerbread
i crave: brownies
i search: for my new shirt, and for quiet
i love: my family
i care: too much about how others feel/what they think
i always: make my bed when I wake up
i believe: in miracles, angels, and in my husbands love
i sing: LOUDLY in the car and in the shower
i write: poems, short stories, letters, in my journal...
i lose: my temper...and my phone
i win: every argument...even when I am wrong
i never: thought I would live in Utah
i listen: any time I possibly can
i am scared: of spiders and being alone
i need: hugs, kisses, and a new tummy
i am happy about: my life....aside from my house being constantly messy, it's perfect!

I now tag--EVERYONE! :)

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