Monday, October 13, 2008

Our decorations

See, there's no snow, but it was REALLY cold yesterday so we had to bundle up

Did I tell you that Nick got a new car? J/'s his co-workers car. nick did his brakes for him. It's a sweet ride though.... nick's decided that it's a total waste of money having someone else do the brakes--he'll be doing it for us from now on. It took him all of about 45 minutes to do it and only charged his friend $50 vs. the almost $300 that his friend was quoted by the dealer! I think this is a pretty good little side business for Nick if he chooses.

Ashleigh insisted on going outside, but it was really cold so we had to bundle her up...and then after all that we noticed later that she was wearing spring type shoes and NO socks!
I love having a house to put decorations up. We had fun putting up some halloween lights and hanging our ghost and putting a banner up and a door picture and of course our little pumpkin. I was really pretty when I came home from work this morning (4am) and I was welcomed by the lights. I love this time of year!

Before I left for work Nick and Preston were watching tv...they look so cute all cuddled up on the chair together.

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