Friday, October 17, 2008

Cornbellys @ Thanksgiving Point

We went to Thanksgiving Point today to the Cornbelly's. It's a fun place with lots of kids stuff. Click on the word "Cornbelly" to see their website.

Ash, Meg, and Preston

Ash, Nick and Preston

The HUGE rocking chair. so cute!
Ash and Preston

Preston and Ashleigh

Ash on a horse made from
a tire

Preston watching the ducks race
on the water

Ash and Preston milking a (pretend) cow

Ash and Preston in a mini maze. The darn thing said you never make a left turn to get out, but there was no way-after walking around for 10 min that you can NOT make a left turn. We cheated and finally made it to the exit.

I made Nick take Preston on this big tube slide (after I took him) It's bumpy and hurt his butt. It was REALLY fun though!

Ash coming down the slide

Preston and Nick coming down the slide
Don't let Preston's face fool you--he has fun.

Then we saw some singing chickens! Preston was mesmerized! It was hard to take him away.

There were these HUGE bouncy pillows the kids could jump on.

They announced that they were going to have the pig races in 15 min so we decided to go over and get a front row seat--by the time we got there--less than a minute later, it was already packed! sheesh. This sounded more fun than it was....we left early.

Here are the kids waiting for the cow train ride

Preston, Meg & Ash on the cow train ride

Then we went on a hay ride--allergies for Nick and I, but it was long and fun!

They also had a tower of pumpkins. They were amazingly carved.

Just a cute picture of P

The thing is, I kept thinking how much more fun I would have had if Emily and her girls had been with us--we've gone to Sauve Island in Portland for many years so it was sad that we weren't together this year. Check out her blog for her Sauve Island pictures. Wish we could have gone with them!


arah said...

how fun. Did you guys get the $1 tickets? A friend of mine lives down there and had mentioned some website gives you tickets for a $1 but you have to go the same day.
What a fun place.

Russ and Suzanne Ballard said...

This looks like so much fun! Bring us next year!! Love, mom

tatum said...

i don't know if you remember me nick but i found your blog through your sisters.....your family is so cute, you must live in utah now, me too, i took my boys to cornbelly's too, if maybe we saw each other there and didn't even know it! ha! anyway, good to see you are doing so well.

tatum said...

p.s. do you still keep in touch with chad?