Monday, October 6, 2008

Sunday PM Conference Session

My parents called my on Saturday night to let us know that they had 2 tickets for the Sunday afternoon conference session and would we like to go...?? Uh, YES!!! I was SO excited to go, I have never been inside the Conference Center--not even for a tour. It far surpassed my expectations. Awe is the only appropriate word I can use to describe it. A total peace and calm came over me when I entered our seating area and Nick and I both had the feeling of reverence. It was one of the most amazing dates nick and I have ever been on. I feel so blessed to have been able to go.


Nick and I on the drive there...notice his intense concentration!

I have not been to conference since I was in my teens and then we went to the tabernacle. I was amazed by how many people were there. Where did they all come from???

I had to get some pictures of the protesters. This part was a lot different than when I was a kid--back then there were a lot of pan-handlers and TONS of protesters, but this time there was a small handful.

This guy kept saying--"Do you read the bible? The bible does not support your ways! Was it really worth it today?"

I could be wrong, but I don't think any of the things on his sandwich board apply to I guess Hell will not be awaiting us!

Overall, the protesters were very peaceful.

Outside the conference center--waiting to go in. We got in a line that NEVER moved, but the one next to us was zooming along so after a couple of minutes we blended our way in to the other line and were inside and in our seats with in 5 min.

I took some pictures from our seats. We were up in the balcony. Not great seats for seeing the Prophet and apostles faces, but AMAZING seats to see EVERYTHING else. We had a great view!

Our view from our seats! It was PERFECT!

I asked a guy behind us to take our picture. He was grumpy about "breaking the rules", but took our picture anyway. :) It turned out pretty good! :)

What an amazing thing to witness--the "audience" is having their own conversations, being relatively hushed...when all of the sudden it is completely quiet--if someone had dropped a pin I think we all would have heard it. We all stood up, and then President Monson and his counselors came in and took their seats. It swells my heart just thinking about it and how that small thing was so respectful and showed the first presidency just how much we really love and appreciate them!

After the session we enjoyed the view from the balcony level of the people and things below. I absolutely LOVE when I see an American Flag waving...especially when it's on church property. It makes me feel very patriotic and proud to be an American!

Here's my attempt at taking our picture myself with the temple behind us. We probably should have just asked someone.

And one of the beautiful Salt Lake still boggles my mind that this was built by hand...with no machines like we have now. Imagine being the guy picked to go up on thank you! Too scary!

This was a cool view inside the conference center--it's us looking down It was just really pretty.

Us again...I am taking the picture here...can you tell? ;-)

On the way home I noticed that a couple of the mountains have snow on them. :-) That makes me SO happy!!! The mountains are SO beautiful all covered in white!

It was a wonderful day...I couldn't have asked for better!


Tamsen said...

So fun! I'm glad you were able to go too!

Russ and Suzanne Ballard said...

What great pictures!! We had fun with your kids - other than the poopey diaper, that is! Glad you got to go! Love, mom