Monday, October 6, 2008

After General Conference...

My parents watched the kids for us so we could go to conference in Salt Lake. They were at our church playing when we arrived. The kids were so excited to see us....

Can you tell? ;-)

Preston immediately got in the car and was ready to go.

"Bye bye mommy"

But...the best news of all....Ashleigh let my mom pull her loose tooth out! It's been loose for so long and she would not let me take it out. We've been trying to get her to see Dr. Baird (Juli and Quinn work for him) in the hopes that he could pull it out with out her realizing it, but she always chickened out.

I guess my mom didn't have to do any coaxing at all...she just tied some dental floss around it and said that it came right out! She didn't even have to pull it, it just fell out.

Nick made sure to call the Tooth Fairy. He told her that Ash lost her tooth and reminded her to come over while Ash was sleeping to take her tooth and leave her some money. I've never seen Ashleigh so excited!

The tooth fairy left her 50 cents! We were told that the tooth fairy gives 50 cents for all the front teeth and a dollar for the molars. We're very happy for Ashleigh and the loss of her first tooth and we can't wait for all the rest to fall out! :)

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Russ and Suzanne Ballard said...

Wow, Ash! 50c!! That's terrific! What are you going to spend it on? Thanks for letting me help your tooth come out. You were SO brave! Love you. G'ma