Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Am I really THAT gullible???

I just have to use my blog to tell what happened at work last night and to vent a little. Since I am using this sort of as a journal, I decided that I need to write down what happened. I also write a little too detailed so just bare with me--if you decide to read this.

Sunday night I went to work, about 2 hours in to my shift my co-worker "M" asked if she could go to her car to get a "personal" item out of it. I told her yes, of course, do what you need to do. She came back about 5 min later. About an hour after that I was ready to take my break and asked if she wanted to take hers too--we had plenty of help that night so I knew it would be fine if she and I went at the same time. We went out and had our break together.

--SIDE NOTE--Sunday and Monday nights are my "hell" nights cause I work with a horrible lady named "L". I dread going to work those two nights. "L" also decided that it is time to micromanage the employees so whenever anyone goes to break or lunch they have to print a slip from the registers and give it to her so that she knows when they left and then when they get back. This is a new thing that only "L" is doing and I totally think that it is unnecessary when working a night shift! *whatever*

So after "M" and I got back from taking our break together "L" asked (when she asks a question it always sounds like she is accusing you) "M" if this was her 2nd break (she is only allowed 1 for a 5 hour shift). Both "M" and I shook our heads and told her that NO-this is her first break.

I am "M's" boss and on the same level as "L" so I didn't feel it necessary to explain anything to her--my letting "M" go to her car earlier in the night was between she and I and "L" didn't need to be involved!

"M" started freaking out that she was going to get in trouble...she has missed too many days at work and the big bosses told her that if she misses any more in the next 6 months than she would be facing a "D-day" (decision making day--you get a day off to think about whether you want to reaffirm your dedication to your job or if you want to quit and find employment elsewhere). She was afraid that if they decided that she had taken 2 breaks than they would have grounds to either fire her or give her a D-day. I did my best to calm her down and told her that it was my decision to let her go to her car and then to take a break later--that it was NOT two breaks and that I would go to the mat for her on this one if needs be.

Monday night when I was on my way to work I text'd "M" to make sure she was coming to work. She said she was. I saw her about 15 min after I arrived and she was on a register helping check out customers. I noticed that she was visibly upset and crying....time to get her off the register and away from customers! I went to relieve her and finished her transactions. "L" intervened and told "M" to get to work on 82's (restocking all the candy and gum at the registers). I told "L" that I wanted to talke to "M" first...."L" argued with me and again told "M" to go to work doing the 82's. *grrr* "M" was so shaken up so I pulled her aside and tried to talk to her, to see what was wrong, what was going on, why she was so upset!?! "L" was still there so she told "L" how afraid she was that she was going to get fired because "L" thought she took 2 breaks the prior night. "L" assured her that she was not in trouble and there was no problem and she just wanted "M" to get back to work. (this is the nicest I have EVER seen "L" act!) "M" asked "L" if she could go to her car to get a valium to help calm her down. I offered to go with her (she also said that she was really dizzy and was wobbling). We went to her car and sat in it for a few minutes while she got her pills out. It was then that I asked her what she was taking. I was told she was taking Ambien--that it doesn't make her sleep, it has the opposite effect on her. She never once took a valium, but instead I saw her take 5 Ambien!!! I voiced my concerns, but she brushed them off between crying hysterics. After a few minutes and a lot of talking we went back in to seek an assistant manager to see if "M" could just go home. Another associate-"T" went with "M" and I to see Gary. I explained what was going on with "M" and asked Gary if she could go home with out it affecting her attendance negatively. He promised that it would not go against her and that she could go home. "T" and I walked "M" out to her car....but not before "M" decided that she needed to buy and Evanescense CD *strange* Then when she got up to the register she didn't have enough money for it, but thought she did--I had some money in my pocket so I covered the difference for her with out her knowing.

Literally it looked as though she did not have a single clue what she was doing or where she was. She was still crying and acted like she was having a panic attack. The whole situation was very odd to me. I felt so bad for her too.... "T" and I got "M" to her car and I made her promise to call or text me when she got home so I knew she was safe. I was so worried about her driving--especially after taking that many Ambien. "T" and I watched her drive away.

I got back inside to work again when "L" and our other big boss "V" asked where "M" was. I decided to go where they were to tell them that Gary and I thought it best that she go home instead of talking about it over the walkie-talkie for all to hear. As soon as I told them that "M" went home they jumped down my throat and basically told me that "M" pulled a fast one on me--she totally conned me. That she's not sad or sick or upset, but that she is a hypocondriac, that she makes up illness or problems to get people to feel sorry for her, that she does this all the time and that I totally fell for it!!! *WHAT?!?*

I actually got pissed off at my co-workers. I defended "M" saying--no, she's never done anything like this since I started at this store more than a month ago! I just couldn't believe my ears that they were talking about the same person that I was. I am STILL beside myself about the whole thing!

The rest of the night I just went about and worked alone--I mainly stayed away from "L"--I don't like "L"--she is NOT a nice person! And I pretty much spent the whole night reflecting on everything that had happened that night with "M" and if I could find any holes in her story or her demeanor or anything that would make me believe that what the others were saying was true about her.

It is now almost 6am...I have not slept yet, I just keep thinking about it. Am I too gullible? Am I too trusting? Did "M" really make it all up? Is "M" a bad person? Am I bad for believing her story?

I won't see "M" until Saturday night when we work together again. I wonder how that will be... I wonder what others at work think of me now??? Do they think I am stupid?

I am going to try to get some sleep now---I have to be up again in 1 hour to take Ashleigh on her first field trip with her school. I hope my mind keeps racing so that I stay awake today... I am SO glad I don't work again until Friday.

This has really been one big emotional night!


Russ and Suzanne Ballard said...

Megan- I have researched Ambien. It is a HORRIBLE drug. It causes people to have personality changes and to do things that they don't normally do (like painting toe nails in the middle of the night, or stripping and going for a walk in the middle of the night, etc.) People who take Ambien and then STAY awake are in the worst shape. It makes them have massive personality changes. It is highly addictive. When they try to get off of it, it will cause them to stay awake for 7-14 days in a row!! It has been the cause of massive amounts of suicides in the USA and SHOULD NOT BE PRESCRIBED OR TAKEN BY ANYONE!!! Now you know why I voiced such concern at the dinner table about it on SUnday. Do some research and then present the research to your co-workers/bosses. They should have SYMPATHY for this young woman instead of passing judgment. She needs to de-tox off this drug. It might take having to put her in an addictive substance center. BAD BAD BAD drug! Good luck. Love, mom

Anonymous said...

Oh my. I agree with Suz. If she could take 4 at a time and function at all normally is a miracle. With the job I have, I see addicts on a regular basis and after a time, you figure out their game and I am so sorry to say, but I do think you were conned. Don't blame yourself though. Addicts are extremely good at their game. They are desperate people. I used to be astounded when my co-worker "T" would tell me which of the patients were addicts. They really can make you feel so so sorry for them. You will notice with them, that if you confront them and tell them you won't go along with it anymore, they simiply move on to someone who will. It is kind of weird how they do is so calmly too. I used to be afraid to tell them no more Rx for narcotics, but they just say "ok" and move on to another doctor or whoever. I also agree that she needs help big time. No doctor in their right mind would prescribe Ambien to be taken in the daytime ever. Didn't she tell you she was going out to get a Valium to calm her down? Keep being sweet and caring like you are. Nothing is ever wrong with that. But, you work with the public long enough in this day and age and you soon can spot the druggies pretty quick. Good luck sweetie. And "no" I don't take Ambien. I took it one night and it did no good for me, so that was the end of that. I would rather go walk on the treadmill 10 miles to make me sleep than take that stuff again. Love and hugs to you!!!!

Tamsen said...

I don't think the other coworkers would think you're stupid. Sounds like they've got the diagnosis wrong too, eh? She's no hypochondriac!

I hope she made it home, though. Sending a person on the road in that condition can be a hazard to her and others!! Next time you may want to take away her keys.