Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Clipping Coupons

I had a long conversation with Betsie today (thank you!) to try to get the details to how she is saving so much money just by clipping coupons!
I went to a class with Juli and Quinn about a month ago and that began the coupon clipping desire. They tried to teach us how to spend only $180 a month on groceries for a family of 4. I seemed to "get it" during the class, but became more and more confused as time went on and I was waiting for my many Sunday papers to arrive.
Then I started reading about how great Betsie and her friends were doing and I decided that their way seemed more clear...Believe me, I am still very confused, but I now have a plan and I am trying really hard to make it work.
Well, tonight I went to Smiths with Nick (I needed his guidance...) I didn't do nearly as well as Bets, but I ended up spending $29 and saving (I think) $34. We had a 54% savings! Plus, then I did a separate transaction where I bought some toothpaste, it was on sale, I had a coupon and I ended up only paying $0.15 for it! :) I think that made me happier than everything else! ha ha.
I definitely need a lot of help still, but overall I think we did pretty good.


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You are on your way - this could be fun and addictive...