Friday, November 21, 2008

Christmas lights

We decided to get a jump start on putting our Christmas decorations up. We don't have a lot yet, we are still trying to acquire what we need, but I think what we have looks really good.

I let the kids put the ornaments on all by themselves this year...Nick and I had to really hold back the temptation to move them to different places so it would look "better". They did a really great job!

Their finished product. Pretty good, huh?

I have had this blow-up Santa for as long as I can remember. The kids LOVE it! We put it up on our ceiling between our front room and our kitchen...the kids say good night to Santa each night and I caught Ash telling Santa what she wanted for Christmas the other day. ha ha .

The next night Nick put up our outside lights. It was SO much fun to be able to decorate our own house! Nick did an awesome job! I love coming home from work at night and seeing them. It immediately puts me in a good mood.

We've since added another 4 lights in front-they are snowflake path markers. And we are still going to put lights up around the roof of the top floor--around the windows.


Tamsen said...

The tree ornaments cracks me up. It's so funny that you can see them all grouped about 3-4 feet up, and right in the center--just the right place for a 6 and 2 year old! So so cute.

Patrick and Emily said...

I need to do a better job this year of not interfering with the girls decorating the tree. It ruins the fun for them. Good job letting them do it.

manders said...

Wow so soon but way to go girl. Unfortunately because of selling our home we can't do decorations or a tree bummer. So now I can just admire everyone elses. Hope you guys are doing well.
luv ya