Wednesday, November 26, 2008


i am: Megan A Call...wife and mommy
i know: that I can not drive well at night...or anytime (according to Nick)
i want: to feel loved and happy every day
i have: 3 amazing kids and a wonderful perfect husband
i hate: rude, impolite, uncaring people
i miss: my sister Emily and her family...and my friends from Vancouver
i feel: excited about our upcoming road trip
i hear: are asleep. Ah, peace and quiet!
i smell: my leftover Thai food--YUM, my favorite!
i crave: something sweet...anything
i search: for the same coupon deals that Betsie has been able to get
i love: Nick more than anything or anyone else in the whole world!
i care: about other peoples feelings...
i always: make my bed in the morning, hang my towel up after I use it, close the cupboard doors and push the drawers in when I'm done!
i believe: that we will be just fine!
i sing: loudly, enthusiastically and badly!
i never: keep my opinions to myself...dang it, maybe I should!

i write: ALL the time, but rarely keep anything I write
i lose: my cell phone, my son
i win: every argument even when I'm wrong
i listen: intently...and hope I am helping
i am scared: of not being a good enough mom or wife and letting the day go by with out doing everything I can to be the best I can!
i need: more sleep than the average person...I am always tired!
i am happy: that's true...I am VERY happy!


Russ and Suzanne Ballard said...

Interesting lists! What upcoming road trip??? Love, mom

Josh n Betsie said...

road trip? are you coming here?

Tamsen said...

Does coming over to our house qualify as a road trip? We need to see you guys again.

I love that you're happy, Megan. And that you listen and try to help. And you don't sing badly.

Patrick and Emily said...

The road trip thing caught my eye, too......Washington??

Nick and Meg said...

We are going to RENO in December.

arah said...

why in the world would you go to Reno?

Nick and Meg said...

because I have family there, Nick has friends there...nicks never been's close enough to drive in LESS than one day. Because we want to! :)

Patrick and Emily said...

Oh fun!! Are you staying with Maree?? When are you going?