Thursday, November 6, 2008

broken AC adapter

Sorry I have been away for a while.
The AC adapter for our laptop broke... so we can't charge our laptop our battery has died...So I can't use the laptop.
It's frustrating.
We have our desktop computer in the basement, but since Chris lives down here now and his computer is set up inplace of ours, I can't use it as freely as I can the laptop.
So I sit and wait and watch daily for the UPS guy or the FedEx guy to show up with my new AC adapter. HOPEFULLY he'll be here by tomorrow so I can get back on and blog, but for now...this is all you get.
Lame, right?!?
I'll be back up and running soon I hope.

1 comment:

arah said...

oh, SO LAME!
You may be winning a $20 gift card. I don't think she'll be coming before that.