Sunday, November 23, 2008

Red Robin

I forgot that I had pictures from Quinn's 22nd birthday dinner.... We went to Red Robin--YUM.

This is a really cute one of Juli and Quinn.

This is Quinn and Zach....we (Nick and I) REALLY like Zach and we think they should get married....but ya know, it's not up to us. darn it! ;-)

Aren't they cute together?

Preston was grumpy--what a surprise, but when I gave him a penny he suddenly was happy! Such a strange kid. ha ha

Preston sure loves his "ninny". :) I'm so glad!

My attempt at taking a picture myself of me and Ash....

And lastly, my kidlets....
I think this picture was before I gave Preston his penny.
See how grumpy he is?

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Patrick and Emily said...

Preston's grumpy faces absolutely crack me up!! What a funny kid.