Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Happy birthday Olivia Kamille Kunz

It's 5am and I just got home from work...I've been thinking a LOT about little Olivia Kunz who would have celebrated her 1st birthday today. I remember when it would have been Christians first birthday and how that day was so emotional for me. I was pregnant with Ashleigh and I remember just staying very introverted that day. Very retrospective (is that the right word?) and just deep in thought. I spent a long time at the cemetery that day and I wrote a letter to Christian.

Olivia was born 1 year ago, but had Polycystic Kidney Disease (aka: PKD or Potter's Sequence) and only lived for 1 hour and 53 minutes. Her short life impacted SO many people and reminded us all about how precious life is. I reached for my kids that day and held on to them a little bit longer and had more patience with them and just loved them more.

Today, like Christian's first birthday, is a very emotional day for us all and I just want Arah, Matt, and Brinley to know how much I love them and that I am thinking about Olivia today. As great as it would be to have her here, I believe she is in a better place--probably playing with Christian--and she is keeping a very close eye on here big sister Brinley and little sister Sarah Mae.

We love you guys!!!

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arah said...

It's 6am and the tears have already started... thank you for the sweet post.
We love you guys.