Friday, November 7, 2008

Cute story

I wrote this story in my phone cause I didn't have my computer, but didn't want to forget what happened....

The other day I put Preston to bed for a nap with his sippy (day 1 with no bottle). He yelled for me for about 15 min. Finally I went back and opened his door and just laid in the hallway. He laid back on his bed and got his sippy. After a few minutes I snuck away, but I listened at the door. He got his baby doll and started talking to it. He pointed to all the baby's facial features-naming all the parts one by one. Then he told the baby to lay down and go to sleep. Then he gave the baby some of his sippy and then he laid there with his baby for a few seconds. Then it sounded like he was singing to his baby. Then I saw him get up, open his curtain and told his baby to look out the window, then said "no no no baby, ni-night time" and then they laid back down together.

Ha ha
It was so stinking cute!

He never actually went to sleep, but he did stay in his room and was really quiet for over an hour! was so nice!

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