Friday, November 7, 2008

I'm Baaaaccckkkk

I am so excited. I got the new AC adapter today (Dell sure is fast when they ship stuff). My computer is up and running and I am happy woman once again! :)

Some updates---

The girl I talked about in the "am I really that Gullible" post on 10/21 has since quit. Now I just need to get "L" fired and I'll REALLY love my job. ha ha.

Preston has been bottle-less for 3 days! He still asks for a bottle when we tell him it's time to sleep, but we ignore his requests and just give him a sippy. So far, he won't sleep in his bed at night but will fall asleep next to Nick in the chair or next to me on the couch and we'll just leave him there to sleep all night. So far it's working out pretty well. :) His diaper is a lot drier in the morning too so I am going to really start his potty training in the next few weeks.

Ashleigh knows how to read. She read up to page 34 of Green Eggs and Ham to me today. I helped her with 3 words-- could, anywhere, and train. The rest she knew! I am SO proud of her! She loves school and she has some good friends and she is a polite and sweet girl. I love it! She also thinks that since she is now 6, she is "much bigger" and her feet are "really long". It's so funny.

Nick transferred from West Jordan down to Provo last month, but his office in Provo was closed this week. Thankfully he still has his job!!! He is being transferred to the Orem office. (5 min closer to us-yeah!) One person in his office was laid off. There have been lay-offs all over the place around here and Nick is pretty sure that it'll happen some more in the near future. It's a scary time for us, but we'll hanging tight to our faith and doing all we can to stay optimistic and positive!

I am still working at Wal-mart--although I have been sick so I missed 6 days of work. (Not a good thing). I go back tonight. I wonder how things may have changed while I was away.

Update all your blogs so I can see what's going on with all of you! I'm glad to be back!

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