Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Nicks I....

i am: 30 years old...almost
i know: that Megan is the best wife in the world
i want: Megan
i have: Megan
i hate: brussel sprouts
i miss: my supra
i feel: Megan
i hear: Megan
i smell: Megan
i crave: Megan
i search: my double quarter pounder with cheese for onions...cause I hate them and don't want them on my fat burger. I also search for my waist line--could these go hand in hand????
i love: Megan
i care: about Megan a lot
i always: listen to Megan
i believe: Megan thinks she is always right
i sing: at the top of my lungs in the living room, and shower, and car
i never: disobey Megan

i write: this blog about Megan
i lose: arguments to Megan...please see "i believe" above
i win: the key to Megans heart
i listen: to Megan
i am scared: of Megan
i need: Megan
i am happy: that I got to spend the last 8 years with Megan


Tamsen said...

That's so cute. So pretty much your world revolves around Megan. That's cool.

Hey, Nick, Happy Birthday. I think I may be one of the first to wish you this, seeing as it's 12:17 am.

Love you!

Patrick and Emily said...

Happy Birthday! We are the same age for about a week, right?

arah said... you worhsip Megan?