Sunday, November 30, 2008

Girls day out and the BIG game

I have been slacking off lately-I completely forgot to blog out my girls day out a couple weekends ago. My sisters Tamsen and Jana and I got together and went to see Twilight. I was not impressed with the movie. There were a few parts that I loved, but the rest left a lot to be desired. I was really disappointed....oh-well.
After the movie we went to get Thai food. My favorite! I didn't pay close attention to the menu and ordered what I thought I had gotten last time but it was TOTALLY wrong! i was so disappointed. I am not the type of person to send it back--especially when it was MY mistake so I picked at it. yuk.

My sweet sisters offered some of their food to me. (Thank You!)

Aren't they cute!?!

Jana brought Amelia along on our girls day out. She was SUCH a great baby during the movie and so sweet and calm during our lunch. Every time I looked at her she would smile. Melted my heart!
Our outing wasn't nearly long enough, but I had fun. I love spending time with my sisters! They are so much fun!

Later that day we all got together at my brother's house to watch the GREAT BYU vs Utes game. It was a great game...Utes WON! :)

We brought our TV to my brothers house to watch the game in style!

Kevin, Tamsen, and Todd

Me and Nick wearing the Utes RED

And Ash wore the Utes santa least until we got there and then was persuaded by her cousins to root for BYU. ;-)
Oh, did I mention that the Utes won? :)


Tamsen said...

Thanks for the date, Meg!

Patrick and Emily said...

Your girls night out was missing a sister! Wah!

Megan said...

I know!!! :( We wanted you there...dang it! Move to Utah! come on, you know you want to!