Saturday, November 8, 2008

A tribute to Quinn on her birthday!


Photo from 2006--Cody and Melissa's wedding reception

Things I love about Quinn and memories I have:

1-you are always happy, cheerful, and sweet
2-you know my mood better than anyone else and can always tell when I need to talk, or need a hug, or when I need to be left alone

3-You love my kids and make sure that they know it

4-you were the ONE person who accepted me in to your family from the very first day you met loved me unconditionally and you made it known that you were happy I was around

5-Your willingness to try new things, go new places, and meet new people

6-Your openness about your period/tampons/pads, etc... and lets not forget farting!

7-remember all the adventures we went on when you lived with us?? Up to the casino? Stalking boys? Burger King/McDonalds/Starbucks? Trips to and from the Max? And here in Utah--Payson? Trying to find a stinking princess costume?

Dont forget about the WORST illness we all ever had....and the most FUN sledding rides...and our trips to the you remember Cotton-eyed Joe? Remember running 10mph on the treadmill? What about my need to clean and rearrange your room--much to your frustration? And of course, meeting all the different boys who have come and gone in your life....there have been a LOT, but the one I liked the most is still single and available....does Dish Network come to mind when you think of him? ooh-or your very cute neighbor! Seriously--DATE him!!!
Remember riding Ashleigh's new bike at the church? We are dorks! That's what I LOVE about you!

To sum up...I just love you so much! You are one of my most favorite people. I love spending time with you! You are so smart and beautiful and sensitive and sweet and I am proud and honored to call you my SISTER!

I hope you have a GREAT birthday! I love you!

(yes I stole pictures from your blog--thanks! ;-)

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Josh n Betsie said...

i agree. she is the best